Turkish style “Spanish Omelette”: Potato Omelette à la Turca

So this is another recipe that I regret discovering very late. Even though it is a very classical potato dish, my family never ate potatoes for breakfast so probably that is the reason we never made potato omelette. I was enlightened when a friend made it for me when I was in high school. I clearly remember my shock and the new shining lights in my brain. Anyway. For Turkish cuisine, the trick of the potato omelette is cumin. After giving you the whole secret, here is how we do it.

Start by dicing potatoes, put them in a pan heated with olive oil. Stir from time to time to cook evenly.
When the potatoes are softened and golden browned here and there, they are ready. Add salt, pepper and ground cumin.
Prepare your eggs: two per person (and one per dog). Add salt, pepper and again lots of cumin.
Beat the eggs well. Pay attention to the wet doggy nose.
Be sure to avoid licks.
Add your eggs to the pan.
Cover and cook over mid-low heat.
When the egg is set on the bottom, I open up a cross shaped channel to better cook the eggs.
When there’s just a little bit of runny egg left, cover the pan with a plate and flip it.
Slide your omelette back to the pan and cook for another minute.
Here is the Turkish style potato omelette! See the channel cross, I think it looks nice! If you don’t though, skip the step and wait patiently for your eggs to cook completely.

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