Infused Oliveoil Workshop

From time to time I prepare infused olive oil but since I found that book on citrus, I want to try a few. I was thinking of getting a few bottles so I started making a list. I ended up 20 I wanted to try so I decided to find smaller bottles and turn it into a workshop!

I used two technics for fresh herbs: for most I just washed and pat dried. For a few I blanched in boiling water for 20 seconds then cooled in cold water, then I dried them. The unblanched ones look better in the bottle but we will see the taste… However the blanched should keep longer as the bacteria on the surface is dead after clanching.

While using citrus peel, remember to not to take the white parts under the zest. If you end up with them, try scraping with a knife!

After preparing I left most of them in room temperature. But for some, especially the ones that take longer to infuse like vanilla, I heated the bottles to 65 degrees for 18 hours. They should be good to go in 15 days! I will strain the ones that could get bitter. After the 15 days, I expect them to keep fresh for about 2-3 months.

Here is the list and pictures. They are numbered from left to right. I hope this will give you inspiration!

1. Lemon, orange and lime zest, thyme

2. Lemon zest, dried red chilli, oregano

3. Bergamot, basil, garlic (I looked for bergamote for days but as I couldn’t find any, I used lemon and lime zest mix)

4. Lime zest, juniper berries, pepper

5. Mandarine zest, rosemary

6. Grapefruit zest, citronelle, pepper

7. Rosemary, shallots, pepper

8. Tarragon, white pepper

9. Thyme, Espelette chillies

10. Sage, lemon zest

11. Marjoram

12. Oregano, basil, dried red chilli

13. Cumin seeds, coriandre seeds, cinnamon stick, cardamom, pepper (Heat all in pan for 2 mins, cool, add bay leaves and grind all. After a few days pass it aall from cheesecloth)

14. Dried mushroom, thyme (65 degrees)

15. Basil, lemon zest (65 degrees)

16. Dried tomatoes, tarragon (65 degrees)

17. Garlic, rosemary, thyme

18. Vanilla (65 degrees)

19. Cinnamon, anise, cloves, pepper

20. Juniper leaves


Türkçesi burada!

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