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Ginger Squash Soup with Caramelised Walnuts

I found this recipe in an application called Lifesum and it made me love squash soup. So here we go!   Türkçesi için buraya tıklayın!

Vietnames Food 101: Bún Chả

I really want to know Vietnamese kitchen better. Even though they have an important amount of sea food, which is not my favourite, I enjoy Vietnamese food more and more each time I taste. Last weekend we had a Vietnamese-Swiss friend, Hoang, visiting us. She came with food! We ate Bún Chả accompanied with Turkish mezes. Even though it was a bit of cultural reunion on the table, we had a great meal, and guess what, I have a recipe for you. Bún Chả is a Hanoi dish that you can eat warm ...

The Unexpectedly Good Vegetable Soup

I have been exposed, so I confess. I do not like vegetables. I am also well aware of the necesssity to eat. My mother told me one day about a soup she just discovered and gave me all the ingredients. You have to imagine my disappointment. I managed to get away with not doing it for a while but eventually she cooked it for me and I of course had to taste it. I couldn't believe the result! It should literraly be impossible to achieve such a taste with those ingredients! It smells weird, its ...